AudioVault Music


AudioVault Music, launched in April 2012, was designed as a place for artists to create, record, rehearse, experiment, collaborate and perform.

We have recently moved into our new space and a rehearsal space, recording studio, and live music venue is on its way.

AudioVault Music offers our services to musicians of all genres. AudioVault Music provides roadies, staff, promotions and all your production requirements.

Head over to the website for more information.

AudioVault Events


AudioVault Events is a Perth based event management company, specialising in the management and coordination of boutique events.

AudioVault Events is your partner in event coordination- nothing is too small, too niche or too outlandish. Contact us now for assistance

Perth’s first silent disco company offers the hire of silent disco equipment, lighting and audio equipment for private hire, festivals, clubs and pubs.

Looking to host your own silent disco, head over to the AudioVault Events website.

AudioVault Active


A new, exciting way of fitness training!

Want to coach, teach or train your class anywhere, anytime and at any volume?

All you need is our AudioVault Active unit, sport headsets, your favourite set list and you’re ready to go!

Our new AudioVault Active system minimizes distractions, maximizes comfort, and stay in place from sprints to sun salutations. Enquire here.